Write about snowfall

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The First Snowfall

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Discover The Basic Elements of Setting In a Story

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A personification poem gives human attributes to nonhuman things, such as animals, objects and nature. Snow is an element of nature that takes many forms, from violent blizzards to light dusting, making it a fruitful subject for personification.

Over people wrote a piece of our shared climate story—the history of climate science and policy, why we care about climate change, and what we are doing about it.

The students have taken those words on paper and created art. These prompts are an accessible way to jump-start a writing session when you’re fresh out of ideas. Use these creative writing prompts to write a poem or a story, jot down a few thoughts in your journal, or compose a blog post.

Snowfall is a drama set against the infancy of the L.A. crack cocaine epidemic in Premieres July 5th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

MALIBU, Calif.—“You write about it. You study it. Then you suddenly get a call at p.m. saying your home is under voluntary evacuation.

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