Write about extinct animals and birds

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5 Recently Extinct Animals

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Recently Extinct Animals.

Endangered species

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Top 10 Species Rediscovered This Century

WhatsApp. 1 Male whiptail lizard. The whiptail lizard from Mexico and the U.S. Southwest is an all-female species. The males have gone completely extinct.

These lizards manage to produce well-bred offspring without the aid of male. 10 amazing birds that have gone extinct. Oahu Akialoa. By Irene Lorenzo. Instead, he found countless - you guessed it! - introduced animals, including rats, sheep, dogs, cats, pigs and feral goats. BirdLife International is a conservation organization working to protect birds and habitats around the world.

Jan 17,  · A Lazarus Species or taxon is one which is thought to be extinct, only to reappear. The Coelecanth is possibly the most famous example, but this list looks at some of the more recent rediscoveries to highlight that work is still going on and exciting discoveries are being made all the time.

The list includes,mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Here are five recently extinct animals that left our world over the past decade. Whether we are in the midst of a mass extinction or not, it’s clear that we are losing species at an alarming rate.

Here are five recently extinct animals that left our world over the past decade. 10 Tragic Stories of Extinct Animals. BY Paul Anthony Jones. May 18, Drawing depicting the Great Auk, from the book 'Birds of America' by John James Audubon. As the birds became scarcer.

Write about extinct animals and birds
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