Write a poem about bananas twaimz tour

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Bananas (Limerick) - Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

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I was born a month and day worst. Bananas are like a summers moon soft, yet bright, colorful and delicate. They are edible boomerangs. A magnificent fruit inside a single peel.

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Its peel is its blanket. A masterpiece in itself. Picked from the glorious banana palm. They dance about in the fruit basket complimenting all other fruits. Their color matches everything.

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Banana by Elena Plotkin. I grew up with a bunch of others Just me with my sisters and brothers. When I was younger I was green and tough But as I grew older I discovered life/5(23). Poems about Bananas at the world's largest poetry site. Ranked poetry on Bananas, by famous & modern poets.

Learn how to write a poem about Bananas and share it! Login Register Help. Poems Write Groups. All groups; Poems / Bananas Poems - The best poetry on the web. Newest. I bought a pet banana and I tried to teach him tricks, but he wasn’t any good at catching balls or fetching sticks.

He could never catch a Frisbee,3/5(10).

Write a poem about bananas twaimz tour
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