Write a journal about friendship

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8 tips on How to Write a Believable Friendship or Best Friend Character

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Strengthen Your Friendships with a Friendship Journal

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Journal Entry: Best Friends

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#KindnessRules : Friendship Journals for Beginning Writers (Special Education)

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54 Friendship Day Journal Prompts for Kids

How did you do. You can write to someone who has impacted away, someone who lives far away from you, or even someone who hands in your life. If you truly write from the heart, there’s a good chance he or she will be proud of you, like a good friend should be.

Related Articles to Free Creative Writing Prompts. Jul 04,  · Please do not write thing that are too mean on your BFF journal as you will not like it when you read it a few years down the road. Do not lose your BFF journal or it would be a real waste.

Do not let other people (other than you or your BFF) read%(29). An easy gift to make for a friend is a memory journal, which is inexpensive to make but something your friend will cherish. Great for long-time pals. Journal Entry: Best Friends. Leave a reply. Laura told us to write a journal entry with our thoughts on the qualities in a friendship.

Here´s my entry: Friendship, to me is one of the most important things in life. We all need someone who loves us, supports us and comforts us when we’re down. Fun Prompts for a Friendship Journal You can create endless conversation starters and journal prompts for your friendship journal.

I’ll share. Write about the sources of your beliefs about friendship: family of origin, experiences as a child, religious beliefs, literature, anything you can think of that has helped to form your beliefs about the nature of friendship.

Write a journal about friendship
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