Repeated sports induced concussions as a youth increased adult hyper aggression

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Sport-Related Concussion in Children and Adolescents

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Psychological Impact of Violence in Sports

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Injury Definition: Sports concussion Youth have a more prolonged recovery and are more susceptible to concussions. Sport, position and style of play. Repeated concussions occurring with progressively less impact force or slower recovery after each successive concussion.

Age. Concussions which commonly occur among athletes can cause damage to the brain that lasts for decades, according to research presented at a recent AAAS Annual Meeting. `` Repeated Sports-Induced Concussions as a Youth Increased Adult Hyper-Aggression Abstract Advancing research is revealing more potential causes for adult behavioral problems.

Concussions have long been suspected as a source of behavioral problems, with sports induced concussions. To avoid fatal consequences or CTE resulting from repeated concussions, an understanding of the criteria for a safe post-concussion return to play (RTP) is essential.

Studies of Repetitive Head Impacts. As with much of the clinical literature on the consequences of concussions in sports, the generalizability of many studies of the effects of repetitive head impacts is limited by methodological weaknesses.

Repeated sports induced concussions as a youth increased adult hyper aggression
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Concussions Cause Long-Term Effects Lasting Decades