Fast facts about shiprock

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Home > New Below is a list of zipcodes that can be found in Shiprock, New Mexico. Select a zip code to view a road map of that area of the city. [Return to top] Cayuse Canyon, LLC P.O.

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Box Spokane, Washington Fast Facts: Shiprock is a dramatic 7,­foot­high (2,­meter) rock mountain located in northwestern New Mexico about 20 miles southwest of the town of Shiprock. Shiprock is on Navajo Nation land. Shiprock Geology Shiprock is the exposed neck or throat of a long-vanished volcano, which is the solidified feeder pipe of the volcano that erupted over 30 million years ago.

At that time lava or molten rock came up from the earth’s mantle and was deposited on the surface of the mountain. Shiprock Santa Fe is one of the nation’s top Native American art galleries—including a world-class collection of vintage and contemporary jewelry, historic textiles, pottery and basketry.

Located on Santa Fe’s historic Plaza, the gallery was founded by fifth-generation expert Jed Foutz, who was raised on the Navajo Nation in a prominent.

Fast facts about shiprock
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