Evaluate ways in which concerns about

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Dealing With Unhappy Customers

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Evaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice

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Pebblebrook High School

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Every company has unhappy customers. A customer can and will mostly express his or her displeasure through email or by a review. Human contact is the best way to tackle the issue head on. 10 ways practitioners can avoid frequent ethical pitfalls.

Here's their advice, boiled down to 10 ways to help avoid ethical pitfalls. 1. Understand what constitutes a multiple relationship. According to the Ethics Code, when psychologists can't evaluate a person directly, they should document the efforts they made and the result of.

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 Evaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice can be reported whilst ensuring that whistle-blowers and those whose practice or behaviour is being questioned are protected Any person who wants to work with children has to go through a screening process to ensure they are suitable, and any convictions are known about.

Evaluate ways in which concerns about
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Teaching Assistant Materials: Reporting concerns about poor practice in the context of safeguarding