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Diadoumenos, Roman marble copy of a Greek bronze sculpture by Polykleitos

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Arts: Metropolitan Museum’s Ancient Greek Art Display

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The original was created in c.a. B.C. by a man called Polykleitos of Argos. Classical Societies Essay; Made from many different materials such as stone, marble, limestone, and even clay, though few made of clay have survived.

The Diadoumenos statue by Polykleitos shows these characteristics, as the form is free and in a more natural position, yet the face expressionless. The frontal view of the marble sculpture shows the tree branches used as a support system for this marble sculpture.

Both arms are raised and both hands are missing. The figure is in a contrapposto pose and the male nude figure wears a headband around his short curly hair. The marble is a light creamy color with little discoloration in this frontal. This marble masterpiece was created by an unknown Roman artist between A.D.

and stands approximately 73 inches tall. (Copy of Work) (Copy of Work) The creation of the bronze Diadoumenos, which was originally created circa B.C.E, was the work of a renowned sculptor of the High Classical Period, Polykleitos.

Polykleitos, the elder, fl. c–c BC, was a contemporary of Phidias. Born either in Sicyon or Argos, he became head of the Argive school.

Born either in Sicyon. The "Diadoumenos, youth tying a fillet around his head," ca A.D is a Flavian Roman copy of the Greek bronze statue by Polykleitos.

This statue was found in Delos, and it .

Essay diadoumenos polykleitos marble
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